Lighting Designs


by Tony Kushner
 Iseman Theater, Yale University, New Haven, Ct.
September 2011
Director: Ron Van Lieu
Scenic/Projection Design: Edward Morris
Photography: T. Charles Erickson
The Nutcracker
The New Haven Ballet
Shubert Theater, New Haven, Ct.
December 7-9, 2012
Artistic Director: Jared Redick
Photography: Thomas Giror

Mind Body Soul

 Weigand Auditorium,SLC, Utah

April 2010

A.Director-Jeanette Sawaya

Photos: Andrea Carter

of andreaKphotography

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

Iseman Theatre,Yale University, New Haven, Ct.

April 2009
Director:  Jen Wineman
Scenic Design: Valerie Bart
Photos:  Eric Pierson


Music: Joshua Schmidt
Libretto: Jason Loewith & Joshua Schmidt

November 2011

Whitney Theater,Yale University, New Haven, Ct.

Director: Paige McGinley



by William Shakespeare
Iseman Theater, Yale University, New Haven, Ct.
April 2011
Director: Alexandru Mihail
Scenic Design: Ana Milosevic
Photography: Matt Otto

American Icons

March 2007

Judge Memorial

Artistic Director: Jeanette Sawaya

Photos: Various

by William Shakespeare
Whitney Theater, Yale University, New Haven, Ct.
January 2012
Director: Daniel Larlham
Scenic Designer: Kate Krier
Photography: McKay Nield